We are delivering live lessons via Zoom, and we have some classroom areas set up, with items for students 

to enjoy at their leisure.

The timetable is available on the next page. 

- Contact us for more information. Please email - [email protected] 

The timetable will develop as we go. 

Classes may be added due to popular demand! 

Anybody fancy learning ballet from the teacher to HRH The Duchess of Cornwall? 

Well now you can, either with NCAD or online. 

The Royal Academy of Dance have filmed some lessons from 'Miss Sarah' for you to do at home in your leisure, available through the their website. Why not get in touch to find out about our provision here, for Sarah's Silver Swans and more!

North Cheam Academy of Dance aims to provide efficient, up to date, enjoyable and safe instruction in classical and theater dance, using fully qualified and experienced staff.

Our conscientious training over the past 20 years has helped pupils to progress to professional performing employment; teaching qualifications and jobs; university dance degrees and vocational dance training.

Pupils have the opportunity to study:-

  • Ballet, Free Movement and Character, and take the graded and vocational examinations of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).
  • Tap, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft, Freestyle / Street, and take medal tests, graded examinations, group rosettes and other awards with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).
  • Musical Theatre and Contemporary, which are not examined externally, but students have regular opportunities for performances.
  • GCSE: Dance, the only national syllabus, which is examined by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA). This is a two year course, and we only deliver to one cohort at a time - the current group commence in September 2019 and will be examined in Summer 2021. A dedicated hour each week for GCSE is supplemented by studying other dance styles. If there is demand we may run AS or A2 Dance qualifications.
  • Silver Swans ballet classes for the older learner
  • Adult tap at various levels and West End Workout for adults. 
  • Examination sessions with IDTA and RAD are held twice or three times a year. All pupils (aged 3 years and up) have the opportunity to be involved with exams and awards. Some higher level exams are subject to progress.
  • Examinations are optional. In order to progress through the classes without taking an exam, pupils must demonstrate that they have been working hard and have achieved the technical requirements of the grade or level.

         ** Private Singing Lessons are also available upon request.

Shows and other performance opportunities:-

We produce a whole school bi-annual Summer Show at The Epsom Playhouse for all students to participate in. On alternate years we produce a smaller “sharing of work” at the Adrain Mann Theatre for older students. 

Musical Theatre and selected other students also perform here at Christmas. There are other opportunities during the year of which we take advantage.

Additionally, NCAD events include holiday workshops and courses, both in subjects on our regular timetable and additional opportunities that we can’t offer regularly due to limited available time! These include Acting Workshops and the very popular NCAD Summer School, which is typically a production of an extract from a musical.

Watching Weekis held at the end of each term for parents / guardians to observe pupils progress. Please avoid bringing any very young siblings to these sessions if they are likely to disturb the dancers concentration.

Generally, when parents / guardians are at the hall, please avoid disturbing the class teachers as their main focus is to deliver high quality dance tuition to the pupils in their care; there are other staff members available for enquiries, paying fees, buying uniform, leaving messages, etc. 

The easiest method of contact for quick day to day comments is a text to Miss Sarah on 07900 556302. 

Newcomers should initially telephone or email to discuss which class they would like to attend, which may be changed if necessary once we have met you. New pupils can have a parent/guardian watch their first lesson, and then each hall has a waiting area available. Comfortable clothing can be worn initially, then uniform and dance shoes are required after the first couple of weeks, once the student has established which class is correct for them.

We are proud of the good spirit here at NCAD and are lucky to welcome a wealth of help and support from interested family members and our "old" girls and boys!  

Termly payment is generally required, although arrangements for half term, monthly or weekly payments may be made if necessary. Once a pupil has joined us all weeks must be paid for, whether or not the pupil attends the class.There is no period of notice required to leave, as long as you have paid for the lessons to date.

North Cheam Academy of Dance is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy dancing with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.