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NCAD TIMETABLES:   By Subject / Dance Genre:

NCAD: Timetable for childrens combined classes

Tap / Ballet / Modern

NCAD: Timetable for RAD Ballet classes.

NCAD:Timetable for Tap and Modern classes.

NCAD: Timetable for Freestyle Street classes.

NCAD: Timetable for Musical Theatre.                                  

St Albans Hall - Saturdays                                                

NCAD: Adult classes

NCAD TIMETABLES:   By day and Venue.

Monday - St Oswalds Hall 
3.45-4.30pm: Preparatory Tap and Ballet: 4 years + 
4.30-5.15pm: Primary Tap and Modern: 6 years + 
5.15-6.15pm: Grade 2 Tap and Modern
5.45-6.30pm: School Years 3-5 Freestyle 
6.30-7.15pm: School years 6+ Freestyle 
7.15-8.00pm: School year 10 + Freestyle 

Monday - St Albans Hall 
4.30-5.15pm Contemporary 2 
5.15-6.15pm GCSE Dance 
6.15-7.15pm Intermediate Ballet 

Tuesday - St Albans Hall 
5.30-6.15pm: School Years 7-9 Freestyle
6.15-7.00pm: School Years 9 + Freestyle
7.15-8.00pm: Adult Tap - 2 classes (beginners / experienced) 
8.00-8.45pm: Adult Ballet - experienced 

Tuesday - St Oswalds Hall 
3.45-4.30pm: Primary RAD Ballet: Reception to year 2
4.30-5.30pm: Grade 4 RAD Ballet 
5.30-6.30pm: Grade 6 RAD Ballet 
6.30-7.00pm: Pointe Work 

Wednesday - St Oswalds Hall 
1.00-1.45pm Silver Swans Ballet - experienced 
1.45-2.15pm Gentle Adult Tap
2.15-3.00pm Silver Swans ballet - beginners 

Wednesday - St Albans Hall 
3.45-4.30pm: 3 years + Preparatory Tap and Ballet 
4.30-5.30pm: Grade 1 Tap / Primary Modern 
5.30-6.30pm: Grade 3 Tap & Modern
6.30-7.15pm: Introductory Contemporary 

Thursday - St Oswalds Hall 
5.00-6.00pm: Grade 4 Tap and Modern 
6.00-7.00pm: Grade 5 Tap / Inter Modern 
7.00-7.45pm: Experienced Contemporary 
8.00-9.00pm: Senior Modern 

Friday - St Albans Hall 
3.45-4.45pm: Grade 2 Ballet 
4.45-5.45pm: Grade 4 Ballet 
5.45-6.45pm: Grade 6 Ballet 
6.45-7.15pm: Pointe work 
7.15-8.15pm: Inter/Adv Ballet 

Saturday - St Albans Hall 
 9.30-10.30am: School years Rec - Yr 3 Musical Theatre 
10.30-11.30am: School years 4 - 6 Musical Theatre 
11.30-12.30pm: School Year 7 + Musical Theatre 
12.30-1.30pm:  School Year 10 + Musical Theatre 

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